Our Companies

Revel Brand Group

Intellectual Property Portfolio of brands we've developed, produced and promote. Our Brands include:

  • Revel
  • Coley
  • Hustlutionary
  • Phillyosophy
  • The Pragmatic Party
  • Wingman
  • Grenade

Revel Content

Revel Content develops and executive produces content. Projects in development include television shows, reality shows, films, documentaries, comedy specials and branded web content.

Revel Music Group

Revel Music Group is a vertically integrated music company that manages Revel's song master & publishing catalog. Revel Music Group includes:

Revel Records
  • Record Label that manages all aspects of music artists' careers including development, album production, video production, brand development, and marketing & international distribution.
  • Music Production Company that provides music production services and music content for third party media companies and record labels.
  • Revel Recording Studios in Philadelphia
Revel Worldwide Publishing
  • Music Publishing Catalog
  • Revel Producer / Songwriter Team that creates songs for Revel artists and other labels / artists
  • Music Supervisory Services for scoring and placement of music in ad campaigns, TV, film and content projects.
Revel Concerts
  • Concert Production Company that produces concerts in Philadelphia and plans to expand to venues around the world.
  • Revel brokers and packages big name talent and support acts to create compelling concert experiences. Revel has relationships with a number of venues, stadiums, casinos and major entertainers around the world.

Revel Technology

Revel is developing proprietary technology that integrates all aspects of our vertically integrated model to create a semi-automated content & fan relationship management system.



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